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Wedding Gown
Cleaning and Preservation

Congratulations on tying the knot and welcome to blissful married life! The day was undoubtedly filled with exciting events like getting ready with close friends, your first dance, a wonderful dinner, cutting the cake, and a night filled with family, friends, and a whole lot of fun.

Unfortunately, all those fun events will eventually cause your wedding gown to become stained and yellowed over time. Makeup, sweat,  lipstick, food, dirt from the dance floor, grass, wine, all create visible and invisible stains on your wedding gown that degrade the delicate, natural fibers over time if left untreated. The only way to remove these stains, prevent future yellowing and return your wedding gown to it's original brilliance is to have it professionally cleaned and preserved.

The Next Steps...


Purchase your Kit

If you have not yet purchased the kit from Love Story Bridal please schedule an appointment to purchase this amazing service. 


Packing & Shipping Your Gown

Packing & Shipping your Gown

Assemble the crush-proof commercial grade shipping container using the simple instructions provided. Place your wedding dress and any of your 5 wedding day accessories in the provided poly bag along with the white and yellow copies of your order form (you keep the pink copy).  Seal the bag using our custom twist tie and place bag in the shipping container. (UPS shipping label should remain outside of the bag and shipping container)


Arrival at the Facility

When your gown arrives at the preservation facility, it is treated like royalty.  Your gown is thoroughly examined, cataloged, and logged into their system so you can track the preservation process. It is then placed on a custom German-built racking system to begin the journey to be perfectly preserved.

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Gentle SYSTEMK4 Cleaning

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has invested in the top of the line SYSTEMK4 delicate fabric cleaning equipment designed exclusively to treat the delicate fabrics found in wedding gowns.  This step ensures all dirt, grass and sugar strains are removed from your gown to prevent any yellowing down the road.


Minor Repairs, Press, Steam and Box

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has an in-house master seamstress that can work magic on your gown.  From damaged lace to a fabric pull, the master seamstress can reverse time on what you may have thought was an impossible repair.  Every wedding dress is gently hand pressed and steamed. This process ensures that your gown remains wrinkle-free in the Preservation Chest. Special care and attention is given to the silhouette, skirt, and train of your wedding dress as these sections are carefully folded under your preservation bust.


The Return Trip

After your gown is cleaned, preserved, and placed in the Preservation Chest, the Chest is then placed in a water proof, crush proof commercial shipping container as it is prepared for the return trip to your doorstep.  In the supplied paperwork, you can choose to sign for your dress if you're concerned with the shipping company leaving it on your doorstep.  You're provided a tracking number and your dress will soon arrive to your home to be cherished and ready for future generations to enjoy!

If you are not sure about handling this yourself, just set up an appointment and bring the dress with you. 

I will help you send it out. It's that EASY!

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